It’s a busy election year for Sayreville Borough Council. In total there are four seats to fill. Let’s take a look at which seats, and of course the best candidates to fill them.

Sayreville Mayor: 4 year term

Recommended: Kennedy O’Brien

“I am a fiscal conservative, proud of the fact that I have kept the borough payroll relatively flat during my five terms as mayor. Even though we have controlled expenses, we have been able to improve the quality of services provided and launch sweeping redevelopment projects. Investing in, and enhancing, the quality of life in Sayreville has been accomplished, even with such controlled spending. By re-electing me as Mayor, borough residents can be assured that Sayreville will once again have an open and transparent government, in which not a penny is wasted on machine politics.”


Sayreville Council: 3 year term

Recommended: John Zebrowski

Sayreville Council: 3 year term

Recommended: Michael Colaci

Sayreville Council: 1 year unexpired term

Recommended: Stanley Synarski