Sayreville GOP

Colaci For Council

When my wife and I became certified Foster Parents, we adopted the child that was put into our care for over 3 years, who officially became our daughter. I am also an advocate for helping individuals with drug addiction.
I’ve worked on wall street for 19 years in various positions as Business Analyst, Project Manager including Vice President of Business Continuity Planning, then worked as a Driver for FedEx Ground following the takeover of Merrill Lynch by B.O.A.
I currently work for Alora Pharmaceuticals here in Sayreville as a regional distributor of women’s health products.
I am an active member of the Sayreville GOP as Chairman of Fundraising and am a recipient of the first annual Sue Tisiker Award for Excellence within the Sayreville GOP.
I am also a Committeeman of the 28th District and Poll worker for several years.

Additionally, I’m an active board member of the Shade Tree Commission and the Recreation Advisory Commission.