Sayerville GOP Reorganizes

On January 19th the Sayreville GOP held their first committee meeting of the year and the first order of business was to install a new Chair.  The previous Chair, Donna Roberts announced that she will step down from the position in order to concentrate on her campaign to retain her Sayreville Borough Council election in 2022.

Councilwoman Roberts stated, “by stepping down from the Chair role, I will be able to serve Sayreville even better through my outreach as a councilwoman.  Karen Bailey Bebert is well suited for the role and the party is in an excellent position for growth and to protect individual freedoms.”

Chair Bebert jumped right into action building the standing committees with some new and some existing officers including: Ken Kreismer, Treasurer; Anna O’Leary, Secretary; Donna Roberts, Vice Chair Communications; Heidi Farley, Vice Chair Administration; David Lewis, Vice Chair Technology.  Additional committees include Membership, Fund Raising, Hospitality and an Internship Program.

Bebert said, “I am looking forward to a successful year, we are building the party and want to make a difference for the people of Sayreville.”

There will also be some updates and revisions to the bylaws and the introduction of new standing committees including the Election Integrity Committee, instituted by previous Chair Roberts and the Campaign Committee established by Chair Bebert to continue to ensure the right candidates are selected and have the tools they need to be successful.

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