Written and distributed since 2003 by Donald Katz, Esq., Republican State Committeeman for Middlesex County and Counsel, Middlesex County Republican Organization
The Middlesex County Republican Organization will be holding a Salute to Victors and Campaign Kickoff Dinner/Reception on Wednesday, May 15th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm at the Forsgate Country Club, 375 Forsgate Drive, Monroe Township. 
We will be celebrating all of the Republicans elected in Middlesex County in the last election.  Six Republicans now represent parts of Middlesex County in the state legislature and 23 Republicans were elected or re-elected to local office in Middlesex County.  That is more GOP members elected to local office in one year since at least the time of the “Florio Backlash” in the early 1990s.  Seven Republican mayors were elected, and three municipalities that had Democrat mayors now have Republican mayors.  There is certainly much to celebrate!  There will be a buffet dinner and entertainment.
The tickets are $200.00 per person, but tickets for the GOP county committee local GOP elected officials can come at a discounted rate of $75.00 each.  Please come and help the Middlesex County Republican Organization so it can help our candidates.   Buy tickets online at www.middlesexgopnj.org.  If you have questions e-mail: mcrepublicansnj@gmail.com.
Here are some political trivia questions.  I hope you enjoy them.  The answers are below, immediately above the calendar:
1.  Which university has the most U.S. Presidents as graduates? 
2.  What woman was a film and TV actress before becoming First Lady?
3.  Theodore Roosevelt served as Vice President under which President? 
4.  How many U.S. Vice Presidents have gone on to become President?
5.  Which U.S. President to receive a raise in pay?
6.  At the U.S. Constitutional Convention who was the oldest delegate?
7.  Which U.S. President has a statute of himself playing golf in Ireland?
Registering to Vote:
If someone does not have a voter registration form immediately available they can go to the New Jersey Division of Elections website  (www.njelections.org).  Once they are at the website they should then click on the “NJ Voter Information Portal” and then, once there, click on “Register to Vote!”.  Once there they can either register online by clicking on “On Line Voter Registration” or print out a paper voter registration form and then complete it and mail it to their county board of elections.  If they choose to print out a form, they will need to select their county and the form they print out will include the address of their county board of elections.
Applying for a Vote-by- Mail ballot for One Election or to be Put on the Permanent Vote-By- Mail List:
If someone does not have a vote-by mail ballot application, they can go to the New Jersey Division of Elections website  (www.njelections.org).  Once they are at the website they should then click on the “NJ Voter Information Portal” and then, once there, click on “Vote By Mail”. Once there, then click on “Application for Vote By Mail” and print out, complete, and sign the application for their county (Middlesex County) and then mail it to their county clerk (Middlesex County Clerk), If they printed out the application for the proper county, the reverse side of the application is already pre-addressed to the proper county clerk.  If it is too late to mail the application to their county clerk, (the mailed application must be received by the county clerk no less than 7 days before the election), they can apply in person, (or by authorized messenger), at their county clerk’s office up to 3:00 pm the day before Election Day).
Getting Off the Permanent Vote By Mail List:
1.  Go to their county clerk’s website, find that county’s version of the “Get Me Off the Permanent Vote-By- Mail List Letter” then complete the letter, sign it, and send it directly to the county clerk.  The completed letter can be faxed, e-mailed, mailed, or brought in, in person, and can be returned in any of these ways, by the voter or by anyone else on behalf of the voter.  (The form is not required to be used, but it is easier than the person doing their own letter and not including everything and risking it being rejected.)
In Middlesex County, go to the Middlesex County Clerk’s website, (middlesexcountynj.gov, then under the “Government” tab click on “Departments” then click on “Office Directory A-Z” and then click on “County Clerk”.)  Once you are finally there, click on “Election Services”.  Once there, under the “Vote By Mail” section, find the form called “Remove Name from Mail-In-Ballot List”  which is under the “Additional Resources” section near the bottom of the section.
2. Alternatively, on Election Day, go into your proper polling place and ask the poll clerks to give you a “Correction of Records” form.  (They are mostly used for change of address, death notifications, etc.)  The Middlesex County form – which is with the election supplies in every election district in Middlesex County – has a section where you can check off that they want to be removed from the permanent Vote-By- Mail list and then they sign it and the form is returned to the Board of Elections office and forwarded to the County Clerk’s office for processing.  While in the polling place that day, the voter will still have to vote by Provisional Ballot.
As I have done for many years, I will be happy to make name tags for any Republican candidate running on the MCRO line for local public office in Middlesex County who wants one – for free.  If there is interest, the candidates’ GOP municipal chair should send me an e-mail with the candidates’ information – including exactly the way each candidate wants his or her name on the name tag, plus his or her e-mail address, (and address and phone number), so I can add them to my e-mail newsletter list, and I will prepare the name tags.  If I get your information early enough, I will try to make the nametags in time so I can bring them to the county fundraiser on May 15th so they can be distributed at that time.  
1.  Harvard University.  More than 10% of all U.S. Presidents attended Harvard, with John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy counted among the alumni. The school has also given a few Presidents graduate degrees, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 
2.  Nancy Reagan 
3.  William McKinley
4.  Fifteen.  Of these fifteen, eight took on the leading role following the President’s death, and only one, Gerald Ford, became President due to resignation. The remaining six were elected to the office, 
5.  Ulysses S, Grant.  Grant served as President from 1869 until 1877. On March 3, 1873, Congress passed a law that was referred to by its deriders as the “Salary Grab Act”.  The law awarded retroactive pay raises to departing members of Congress, raised the salaries of incoming members of Congress, and doubled the President’s salary, to $50,000 per year. It was the first presidential salary increase in American history. The act was signed by President Grant just hours before he was set to be sworn in for a second term. The signing was deeply controversial, but the pay raise stuck, and Presidents continued to earn $50,000 annually until the position’s salary was raised yet again in 1909.
6.  Benjamin Franklin, then 81, was the oldest delegate.  (Jonathan Dayton, then 26, was the youngest delegate.)
7.  Bill Clinton. 

What follows is an updated calendar.  If you have any municipal or countywide fundraisers or functions you would like me to include in my e-mail calendar from time to time, please contact me at dkatzlaw@aol.com.  Please note that organizations and campaigns sometimes provide added information, change dates, or cancel events, which information I include in this calendar if I receive the information in time.  Therefore, if you plan to attend an event, please make sure you review the calendar listing in my latest e-mail and, to the extent you may not have pre-registered for the particular event so the sponsoring group will be able to contact you about any changes, you may want to check with eh sponsoring group before you go, to make sure the information has not changed.  Also, please be aware that these e-mails are not official MCRO notices or mailings, they are just something I do, voluntarily, to help our Republican Party.
April 10 (Wednesday) – Last day to change party affiliation to vote in the Primary Election.
April 25 (Thursday 7:00 pm – ) – NJ Conservative GOP Meeting.  Keller Williams Elite Realty, 481 Memorial Parkway, Metuchen.  You are highly encouraged to bring conservative friends with you to the meeting.  Speaker:  Mary Jo Guinchard Congressional Candidate NJ 5th District.  Questions, contact Paul Danielczyk at 848-248-0172 or njcgop@aol.com.

May 14 (Tuesday) – Last day to register to vote in the Primary Election.
May 15 (Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm) – Middlesex County Republican Organization Salute to Victors & Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser, Forsgate Country Club,  375 Forsgate Drive, Monroe Township. Buffet Dinner and Entertainment.  $200.00 per person, GOP county committee and local GOP elected officials can come at a discounted rate of $75.00 each.  Buy tickets online at www.middlesexgopnj.org.  If you have questions e-mail: mcrepublicansnj@gmail.com.
May 21 (Tuesday) – Deadline for filing your list of primary election day challengers with the Board of Elections. (Middlesex County Board of Elections, 26-B Kennedy Boulevard, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816)
May 28 (Tuesday) – Last day for vote-by-mail ballot applications to be received by the County Clerk by mail in order to vote in the Primary Election.  (Middlesex County Clerk, P.O. Box 1110, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1110).
May 29 (Wednesday) – June 2 (Sunday) – Primary Election Early Voting Period
June 3 (Monday 3:00 pm) – Last day to apply for a vote by mail ballot in person (or by authorized messenger) at the County Clerk’s office (26-C Kennedy Boulevard, East Brunswick, New Jersey), to vote in the Primary Election.
June 4 (Tuesday) – Primary Election
July 15 – 18 (Monday through Thursday) – Republican National Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
July 25 (Thursday) – NJGOP Woman of the Year Event
December 4 (Wednesday) – NJGOP Toys for Tots Holiday Party.  Stress Factory Comedy Club, New Brunswick.
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