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I will be hosting a Celebration of my late wife, Sue Tisiker’s Life, on Sunday, May 22nd starting at 1:00 pm at Pierre’s of South Brunswick, 582 Georges Road, Monmouth Junction.  If you knew Sue and she was a friend, and you wish to help celebrate her life, then you are invited to attend.  However, because there will be a meal after the celebration, I would ask that you respond if you are coming by no later than 10 days before the event – May 12th – so we can make appropriate arrangements with Pierre’s.  If you wish to attend, you should send an e-mail to me at dkatzlaw@aol.com, with your name and e-mail address, as soon as possible, and in no event, later than the deadline.
Since there has been some confusion about responding to the Evite invitation, unless you received the original Evite invitation directly, and not forwarded to you, please send me an e-mail, confirming that you are coming, so I can be sure to get an accurate count.
Members of the Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club, which Sue founded and where she was the long-time President, are assisting me with the celebration.  If you are unable to attend, or if you otherwise wish to do so, you may e-mail me a letter or a note which, depending on the time and the situation, we may be able to read, or otherwise include, as part of the event.  My e-mail to receive any letters or notes is dkatzlaw@aol.com.  However,  even if you are sending a letter or note, if you are attending, please let us know by the deadline date. Thank you.  
Don Katz
As previously reported, the Middlesex County Republican Organization Spring Gala will be held on Wednesday, June 8th,  (the day after primary election day), at the Forsgate Country Club on Forsgate Drive in Monroe Township.
More information will be available shortly.  In the meantime, save the date!
Here are some political trivia questions.  I hope you enjoy them.  The answers are below, immediately above the calendar:
1.  What White House enhancement did U.S. President Truman receive as a gift?
2.  How were FDR and Theodore Roosevelt related?
3.  Who was the only U.S. President to never marry?
4.  How many U.S. Presidents have been the children of former Presidents?
5.  Which unique pet did Calvin Coolidge have during his presidency?
6.  Which U.S. President had the most children?
7.  Which U.S. President had his sister initially serve as First Lady?
Deepest condolences to the Wellnitz family, on the death of Rudolph Wellnitz, a Republican who served on the Plainsboro Committee for several terms and also served as Plainsboro Mayor.
1.  A bowling alley.  Bowling lanes were first built on the ground floor of the West Wing as a present for President Truman’s 63rd birthday in 1947. Truman wasn’t much of a bowler, and after his presidency, the lanes were moved to make space for the Situation Room. A few years later, the Nixons took office, and, as avid bowlers, they built new lanes in an underground area below the North Portico.
2.  Fifth Cousins.  Both men were distantly related to Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s future wife; when they wed in 1905, Theodore Roosevelt gave her away at the wedding.
3.  James Buchanan
4.  Two.  John Adams and John Quincy Adams and George H. W. Bush and George Bush.
5.  A Raccoon named Rachel, who walked around on a leash.
6.  John Tyler, who fathered 16 children – 15 with his two wives and one born out of wedlock.
7.  Grover Cleveland was elected President while he was still a bachelor, so his sister Rose Cleveland took on the duties of First lady for part of his first term. He later became the first and only President to be married at the White House, and his bride, Frances, became First Lady after their wedding in June 1886.
What follows is an updated calendar.  If you have any municipal or countywide fundraisers or functions you would like me to include in my e-mail calendar from time to time, please contact me at dkatzlaw@aol.com.  Please note that organizations and campaigns sometimes provide added information, change dates, or cancel events, which information I include in this calendar if I receive the information in time.  Therefore, if you plan to attend an event, please make sure you review the calendar listing in my latest e-mail and, to the extent you may not have pre-registered for the particular event so the sponsoring group will be able to contact you about any changes, you may want to check with the sponsoring group before you go, to make sure the information has not changed. Also, please be aware that these e-mails are not official MCRO notices or mailings; they are just something I do, voluntarily, to help our Republican Party.
May 4 (Wednesday 6:30 pm – ) – South Plainfield GOP Celebration Dinner & Fundraiser.  Paulo’s Restaurant, 2341 Plainfield Avenue, South Plainfield.  $75.00 per person.  Includes beer and sangria and a silent auction.  Checks payable to South Plainfield Republican Organization and mailed to P.O. Box 371, South Plainfield, NJ 07080.  For further info contact April Bengivenga at aprilnbob@aol.com.
June 7 – Primary Election Day
June 8 – Middlesex County Republican Organization Spring Gala. Forsgate County Club, Forsgate Drive, Monroe Township.  Further details added when available.
 November 8 – General Election Day
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