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Written and distributed since 2003 by Donald Katz, Esq., Republican State Committeeman for Middlesex County and Counsel, Middlesex County Republican Organization
The Middlesex County Republican Organization Reorganization Meeting will be held at the Forsgate Country Club, 375 Forsgate Drive, Monroe Township, on Tuesday, July 2nd, with registration starting at 6:30 pm and the meeting starting at 7:00 pm. 
As of now, we are not aware of any contest for the 5 MCRO Officer positions.  Should anyone intend to contest the officers, they should let the county chair know their slate for the 5 positions no later than the second Friday after the primary, (Friday, June 14th), so voting machines can be obtained and programmed for the election.  
We obtain the voting machines from the Middlesex County Board of Elections and all electronic voting machines, the only machines authorized to be purchased and used since the adoption of the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2001, must be programmed in advance and cannot be programmed on the spot.  For those of you who do not already know, Middlesex County has used ES&S voting machines since 2020. 
As we do at every reorganization meeting, we will also be readopting the MCRO by-laws, with some suggested amendments.
Only current GOP County Committee people from Middlesex County – as certified by the County Clerk – will be able to participate in the MCRO Reorganization Meeting.   All County Committee people should bring photo IDs.
The MCRO will be sending meeting notices to all county committee people who are on the ballot in the Primary Election and are elected, but the contact information for people who are elected by write-in vote at the primary and people who are appointed to fill county committee vacancies at the GOP municipal committee reorganization meetings will not be timely available to send them notices, so we would ask the municipal committees and anyone who reads this newsletter to advise them of the date, time and location of the meeting. 
Most of you probably know where Forsgate Country Club is located and how to get there, since the MCRO and the Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club have held several events there in the last several years.  Forsgate is located 2 or 3 minutes off Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike.  Once you go through the toll booth, bear left toward Jamesburg, which will take you on to Forsgate Drive. Go straight through two traffic lights and Forsgate Country Club is immediately after the second traffic light, on the left.
For your information, since our last county and local reorganization meetings, the New Jersey Election Law has changed so that the reorganization meetings are no longer held the Monday and Tuesday after Primary Election Day.  The law now provides, under NJS 19:5-2 (as to municipal committees), and NJS 19:5-3 (as to county committees), that the meetings must be held: ” by the third Saturday following the certification of the results of the primary election…”  (Under NJS 19:23-54, the certification is to be done within 13 days after the primary so this year, the certification date is June 17.)   This means, for this year, the county and municipal committee reorganization meetings must be held after the Monday, June 17th certification date and no later than Saturday, July 6th.  Since who has won the county committee seats may not be finally determined until the vote by mail ballots which legally arrive post-election, as well as the provisional ballots, are counted and the deadline for return of ballot cure letters has passed, which is immediately before the June 17th certification date, there must be at least some time, after that, for those county committee people to sign their certificates of acceptance and oaths of allegiance, which is why the county committee reorganization meeting is being held the following week.
Note that it is no longer required that the municipal reorganization meetings be held before the county reorganization meeting, but if a municipal reorganization meeting is not held before the county reorganization meeting, any committee people appointed at the municipal reorganization meeting will, of course, not have the opportunity to vote at the county reorganization.
Here are some political trivia questions.  I hope you enjoy them.  The answers are below, immediately above the calendar:
1.  Michelle Obama was the first First Lady to graduate from what university?
2.  George Clinton was the first U.S. Vice President to do what?
3.  Andrew Johnson cared for a family of what animal in the White House?
4.  Which U.S. President’s face graces the now-defunct $500 bill?
5.  What was Dwight D. Eisenhower’s campaign slogan in 1952?
6.  Who was the only U.S. President whose first language was not English?
7.  Were any U.S. Presidents an only child, and, if so who?
When you receive your sample ballot, (and they are supposed to be mailed out on May 22nd),  you can tell if there is a vacancy for one or both of the county committee positions in your district if there is no one, or only one person, running for the position.  If there is no one running, the position will be marked: “No Nomination”.  
If that is the case, and you are interested in running, you can write your name in on either your vote-by-mail ballot or on the voting machine.  Since under the recent law change, you will need anywhere between 1 and 4 votes to get elected, (unless, of course, two people in your district end up getting more votes than that), I would suggest you contact your municipal chair to find out the minimum number of write-in votes you will need, but in the overwhelming number of districts, only 1 or, at the most, 2 write-in votes will be legally sufficient.
It is easier to write in on a paper, vote-by-mail, or provisional ballot.  In that instance look for the Personal Choice box on the ballot for County Committee and print the name or names of the candidates on the lines provided and also be sure to fill in the oval next to where you write the name or names.
On our touch screen voting machines, touch the Write-In part of the screen next to the County Committee office you select.  Once you touch the screen, the write-in keyboard will appear on the screen and you should then use the keyboard to enter/type in your write-in candidate’s name.  When you are finished entering their name, hit “Accept” and then the name you entered will appear in the write-in block you selected.  If you are writing in two different candidates for the two positions, do the same thing next to the other County Committee office.  Once the name or names you entered appear and you have also voted for all of the other candidates you want, then complete the process to cast your vote.
In some of your municipalities, the Republican municipal committee may be trying to nominate local candidates by write-in votes.  In that instance, you do a write-in vote the same way.
Deepest condolences to the Nielsen family on the recent death of  Gil Nielsen.  Gil was a former Edison Republican Candidate for Mayor and had also been a GOP Committeeman in Edison.
As I have done for many years, I will be happy to make name tags for any Republican candidate running on the MCRO line for local public office in Middlesex County who wants one – for free.  If there is interest, the candidates’ GOP municipal chair should send me an e-mail with the candidates’ information – including exactly the way each candidate wants his or her name on the name tag, plus his or her e-mail address, (and address and phone number), so I can add them to my e-mail newsletter list, and I will prepare the name tags.
1.  Princeton University 
2.  Serve under two presidents.  While several Presidents have served with multiple VPs, only two Vice Presidents have served under more than one President. The first was George Clinton, who served as Thomas Jefferson’s Vice President during Jefferson’s second term, from ​​1805 to 1809. Clinton continued his service under James Madison from 1809–1812. Over a decade later, John C. Calhoun became Vice President under John Quincy Adams from 1825–1829, and then continued under Andrew Jackson, serving from 1829 until 1832, when he became the first Vice President to resign his post.
3.  Mice.  One of the odder presidential “pets” was the family of white mice that Andrew Johnson cared for during his time in office. During his impeachment proceedings, Johnson remained secluded in the White House playing with a group of mice that he had befriended in his bedroom. Johnson used flour and grain from family businesses to feed his beloved pets.
4.  William McKinley.  President William McKinley’s face graced the $500 bill, the last of which was printed in 1945 before being formally discontinued in 1969. The note remains legal tender, though today, many are held by collectors. The also-defunct $1,000 bill once featured Grover Cleveland, and a Revolutionary-era $5,000 bill depicted the likeness of James Madison.
5.  I like Ike
6.  Martin Van Buren. Having grown up in the Dutch-speaking community of Kinderhook, New York, Van Buren was the only President whose first language was not English. Although Van Buren worked hard to mask his original tongue, observers claim his accent would surface whenever he became visibly excited.
7.  No President was an only child.  Every President has had, at minimum, one half-brother or half-sister. However, a few Presidents are sometimes considered to have been raised as only children — most notably Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose only half-sibling (his father’s oldest son, James) was 28 years FDR’s senior. Bill Clinton’s half-brother, Roger, is about a decade younger than him. Barack Obama also has a 10-year age gap with his younger half-sister Maya, although he learned later in life that he had at least five more half-siblings on his father’s side. Meanwhile, Gerald Ford is the only child his mother and father produced, but he was raised with three younger half-brothers after his mother remarried, and as a teen, he learned that he also had three younger half-sisters, via his father.
What follows is an updated calendar.  If you have any municipal or countywide fundraisers or functions you would like me to include in my e-mail calendar from time to time, please contact me at  Please note that organizations and campaigns sometimes provide added information, change dates, or cancel events, which information I include in this calendar if I receive the information in time.  Therefore, if you plan to attend an event, please make sure you review the calendar listing in my latest e-mail and, to the extent you may not have pre-registered for the particular event so the sponsoring group will be able to contact you about any changes, you may want to check with eh sponsoring group before you go, to make sure the information has not changed.  Also, please be aware that these e-mails are not official MCRO notices or mailings, they are just something I do, voluntarily, to help our Republican Party.
May 21 (Tuesday) – Deadline for filing your list of primary election day challengers with the Board of Elections. (Middlesex County Board of Elections, 26-B Kennedy Boulevard, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816)
May 23 (Thursday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm) – Dunellen GOP Campaign Kickoff.  Dunellen Art Annex, 131 North Avenue, Dunellen. Food, refreshments and live music.  $35.00 per person.  (No cash please.)  Checks payable to Albertson & Scott for Dunellen Council should be mailed to P.O. Box 285, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938.
May 28 (Tuesday) – Last day for vote-by-mail ballot applications to be received by the County Clerk by mail to vote in the Primary Election.  (Middlesex County Clerk, P.O. Box 1110, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1110).
May 29 (Wednesday 7:00 pm – ) – NJ Conservative GOP Meeting.  Keller Williams Elite Realty, 481 Memorial Parkway, Metuchen.  You are highly encouraged to bring conservative friends with you to the meeting. Speaker:  F.S.S. Front Line Solutions will give a presentation on New Jersey’s Concealed Carry Laws.  Questions, contact Paul Danielczyk at 848-248-0172 or
May 29 (Wednesday) – June 2 (Sunday) – Primary Election Early Voting Period
June 3 (Monday 3:00 pm) – Last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot in person (or by authorized messenger) at the County Clerk’s office (26-C Kennedy Boulevard, East Brunswick, New Jersey), in order to vote in the Primary Election.
June 4 (Tuesday) – Primary Election
June 18 (Tuesday 7:00 pm – ) – Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club Meeting.  East Brunswick Library, 2 Civic Center Drive, (off Ryder’s Lane), East Brunswick.  
July 2 (Tuesday 6:30 Registration pm, 7:00 pm Start) – Middlesex County Republican Organization Reorganization Meeting.  Forsgate Country Club, 375 Forsgate Drive, Monroe Township.
July 15 – 18 (Monday through Thursday) – Republican National Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
July 25 (Thursday) – NJGOP Woman of the Year Event
August 5-11 (Monday through Sunday) – Middlesex County Fair at the Middlesex County Fair Grounds, Cranbury Road, East Brunswick.  Volunteer at the Republican booth.
August 20 (Tuesday 7:00 pm – ) – Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club Meeting.  East Brunswick Library, 2 Civic Center Drive, (off Ryder’s Lane), East Brunswick.  
December 4 (Wednesday) – NJGOP Toys for Tots Holiday Party.  Stress Factory Comedy Club, New Brunswick.
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