Art Rittenhouse

Art Rittenhouse, past Sayreville GOP Chair, has accepted the position of Election Integrity Committee
Chair. In this position Rittenhouse hope to inform the residents of Sayreville about what it takes to have
fair elections in Sayreville and Middlesex County.
Rittenhouse’s background in politics includes 10 years on the Sayreville Board of Education, 3 years as a
Borough Councilman and 7 years as Sayreville Republican Municipal Committee Chair, he also serves as
an elected County Committeeperson for the Sayreville Republican Party. In addition Rittenhouse served
as a Trump Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland and an alternate delegate
to the Virtual 2020 Republican National Convention.
Rittenhouse is married to Maria Russo Rittenhouse a SWMHS graduate along with his two step children
both SWMHS graduates. Rittenhouse graduated from Sparta HS and William Paterson University with a
BA in Jr. High School Education. He taught in Edison, NJ for 12 years prior to going into private business
where he held management positions in several businesses.
Rittenhouse’s experience and expertise with elections reached its height in 2019 when he ran for Mayor
of Sayreville and was denied a new election when the Judge refused to allow Discovery and introduction
of material which he feels would have changed the course of the decision. Some of those item were The
Business Administrator of Sayreville is also on the Middlesex County Board of Elections and made
decisions unilaterally that changed some votes. There were also irregularities with the Vote by Mail
Ballots and Provisional Ballots In addition there were problems with two voting machines within
Sayreville. The judge only ruled on the 18 vote difference not any of the other evidence which would
have made a difference. It was to expensive to pursue to the Appellate Court in Dec. 2020