Sayreville GOP

A Message from Kennedy O’Brien

One of the greatest honors of my life was the ability to serve the people of Sayreville as
your Mayor for 20 years, leaving office in 2019 to take care of my wife, Janice.

As Mayor, we were able to accomplish so much together, as we prepared Sayreville for
the future.

I have been so humbled and grateful to the many residents who have approached me
over the last four years, asking me to consider running for mayor again. I did not take
those requests lightly. Many of my friends and neighbors expressed their deep concern
about the direction of our community under the sad and corrupt Democratic machine
that had taken control when I left office.

As you may know, I chose not to run in 2019 because Janice had been diagnosed with
breast cancer.  She was undergoing grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatment,
and I felt my place was at her side through that ordeal. We thank God she is now

As I look around Sayreville, and what has transpired in Borough Hall since I left, it is
time for me to serve as Mayor once again. I respectfully ask for your vote to return
credibility, honesty and ethics to the office.

I am running, in part, because of unchecked Tom Pollando corruption, creating a huge
stain on Sayreville and its reputation as a fine family town. Pollando, the disgraced
former Democratic chair, is now facing his day in court and I can only pray that justice is
handed down fairly based on his deeds and destruction.

While Pollando may finally gone and back in the shadows, we know the Democrats
continue to be financed by his cronies, hoping to fill his void by taking over the helm of a
very powerful and affluent political machine.

Sayreville is tired of this. It is exhausting to constantly watch over this well-financed
political machine and try to ensure it is no longer doing Pollando’s bidding.

Sayreville must clean house of these people. It needs a reliable leader who has earned
the respect of the Sayreville community and is only focused on public service. Based on
my five terms as Mayor, I am proud to be that person.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, let’s return Sayreville to a time when ethics and honesty were the
hallmarks of Borough Hall. Rather than focus on indictments, and crime, and
handcuffed political hacks, let’s restore the credibility needed to perform the people’s
business, on behalf of the people, at Sayreville Borough Hall.

While I am a proud Republican, I work for all Sayreville residents. As your Mayor, I
warmly welcomed all governors to town, for example. I maintained strong relationships
on behalf of Sayreville from Democrats such as the late Gov. Jim Florio, Gov. Jim
McGreevey, Gov. Jon Corzine and Gov. Phil Murphy, all of whom recognized that my
role is to advocate for all residents, not just those who vote for me.

That productive bipartisanship has vanished over these four long years. Look around;
the carnage from Pollando’s political machine is everywhere. Your taxes are higher, yet
there is more traffic, more home construction and more lawsuits against the Borough.
This ends now. Sayreville cannot afford another four years of nonsense, in which
shenanigans in Borough Hall are akin to a reality TV show.

I ask you to somehow ignore the twisted, fabricated misrepresentations you may be
hearing from desperate Democrats who are trying to escape Pollando’s long shadow.

As my father taught me, “Don’t expect people to be inconsistent.”  If those same people
putting out the same disgraceful lies, and who have looked the other way for years in
the face of unbridled corruption, are left in power, ask yourself: What will happen to

I shudder at the thought. 

It is time to bring back responsible leadership. Sayreville needs an adult back in the

I asked for your vote to return dignity to Borough Hall. Please support me and my team.
Vote Column B.

Yours, on behalf of Sayreville,